Custom Programming

Sometimes the software application systems you need simply are not in existence. This is where EBTCO can provide custom programming to suit your business. We will analyze your needs and work with you closely on projecting functional requirements that would greatly improve your operations and processes.

Our experts can program your system for the latest languages, including CGI, GUI and 4GL. Other programming languages include the following:

  Java (Servlets, Applets, and/or Applications).
  JavaScript (Client-Side and/or Server-Side).
  Perl (CGI Development).
  S.S.I. (Server-Side Includes).
  PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor).
  Visual C++.

nce we have developed a customized system for you and completed the necessary installation steps, we will use automated testing tools to ensure that the implementation was not only successful, but performs exactly as it was designed to do. We will work very closely with you every step of the way to build your confidence with the system as you begin integrating it into your business. We do more than provide the best solutions in the industry.
EBTCO builds partnerships through our strategic and ongoing support whenever and wherever you need it.

Please contact, if you require immediate assistance.

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